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What is Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab?

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab is an all-new animated comedy series from Genius Brands International. Starring the greatest inventor of all time and a madcap cast of characters, the show allows kids to experience how FUN science can be!

What’s the show about?

Unknown to the world, Thomas Edison built a secret lab where he invented a virtual version of himself and a nearly completed robot named Von Bolt. The lab remained hidden for many years until Angie, a 12-year old science prodigy, discovered the lab by cracking a secret message Edison had left behind. With fun-loving Edison as their guide, Angie and her friends JD, Kent and Nicky set out to explore the fascinating world of science!

What can I expect to find in each episode?

Lots of laughs, fun and adventure, and of course, a healthy dose of science! Highlighting science curriculum in accordance to national education standards, Thomas Edison's Secret Lab features fun science factoids - from explaining how gravity works to how dogs can detect cancer using their enhanced sense of smell – to answer many of life’s great questions. To every question there is a great quest and new ways to discover answers and have fun!

Where can I watch the show?

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab is available on select public television stations through American Public Television, and the all-new Kid Genius channel on XFINITY. In December 2015, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab makes its debut on DVD courtesy of N Circle Home Entertainment.

  • To watch Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab on Netflix or get information on how to subscribe, click here.
  • To watch Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab on XFINITY or get information on how to subscribe, click here.
  • To see if Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab is available on your local public television station, visit American Public Television.
  • For more information on how to purchase the show on DVD, visit N Circle Home Entertainment.

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